Heaven is Real, Hell is Real

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At a time I use to think heaven isn't real, even though I have always known that death is real but then, I thought once dead, the remains or soul of the dead, just stay somewhere in that dark, cold grave forever where the flesh will rot and decay!

Don't blame me for thinking like this, prior to this time, no preacher or teacher has ever been able to teach the subject of heaven clearly to me in the manner that I will have a good understanding of what it is. Heaven to them is a place full of enjoyment, where born again Christians will go to when they die here on earth.

Well, there’s heaven but before you can understand the concept of heaven, you must first understand the concept of creation and recreation that is only when you can understand the true existence of heaven! 

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Let me take you back to some stories you might already known. What we have as account of creation in Genesis 1 of the bible as also recorded by some other religious books like the Quran and others is actually an account of recreation.

You know the scientific version of creation, how man evolved from some so-called tiny cells which developed into apes and later human being.

You have also probably read or heard the Christians account of the Old earth, a very beautiful earth with dinosaurs, and all those wild animals that went into extinction. At that time there was no human on earth. It was just beautiful environment with wild animals, smaller animals, apes, fishes and birds. 

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At that time, Lucifer was the head of heaven’s choir. He was highly respected not just because he was a great singer but he was also very handsome. But because of these great gifts he was endowed with, he became proud to the extent he compared himself with the Almighty God and thought he could take over the heaven from God.

There was a great battle in the heavens and Michael who is the head of the Lord’s angels fought Lucifer and his followers, one-third of God’s angels decamped to Lucifer’s camp to fight angel Michael.

Imagine, one-third of the entire angels, that is a whole lot. Meaning Lucifer had or still has a large number of followers, not just in humans, but even among the angels. If for instance the total angels are eight billion, then Lucifer's followers will be about two billion.

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Lucifer was defeated by Michael and his armies. He was cast out of heaven down to earth along with his angels, who today are referred to as, “fallen angels”. When they were cast off heaven and thrown unto earth, God made the whole earth dark and void.

That was when the dinosaurs and other inhabitants of the earth at that time went extinct. Because all the minerals and things required for their survival was taken away when God made the earth void. Scientific account showed that there was a change in climate at that period which resulted in the death of the creatures that inhabited the earth.

Satan being an angel of God before he was cast out is still powerful because though he was cast out, his powers was not taken away. And so he began to rule over the earth, possessing the animals that were still alive such that they started to behave wild. 

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After several thousands or millions of years, God’s anger subsided (This is why we should be careful not to annoy God, as loving and kind heart as God is, so is His anger)

Then God called His son and His spirit who had been with Him from the very beginning. He told them of His plan for a recreation.

“Then God said, “Let there be light”, and there was light. And God saw that the light was good” Genesis 1:3A. 

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With light, activities began, if you have been a science student you will understand the importance of light on growth of organisms. Light is one of the major requirements needed by plants for growth.

Then God created space, waters, plants, animals etc. (Please read the account of creation in Genesis 1)

Then God having created all these things saw that it looked good and beautiful. He was happy because he liked everything he made, God likes anything that is beautiful, anything with splendor and beauty attracts Him. 

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“Then God looked over all he had made, and saw that it was very good!” Genesis 1: 31A

Having put all these things in place, God decided to make a man to be in charge of all these things to manage all the things He has created. The angels are in heaven to minister unto him, to praise and worship Him at all time. Remember the primary need of God is praise and worship that is the only food that God eats. So He couldn’t have asked the angels to manage the earth for Him. He needed a being that will be in His image but that will dwell on earth to manage all the things He has made.

Because the devil who is also known as Lucifer was already living on earth, God had to create a garden, Eden where He could come to fellowship with the man He created. He created Adam and put him in the beautiful Garden of Eden to manage it.

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Remember that Adam and Eve were formed from the clay of the earth but for them to become a living being, He breathed His breath upon them, giving them life.

You know what that means? It means that man now has a part of God in him. No wonder they say man is god. Remember that God is Spirit; therefore His breath on man also is spirit. That means as a man you also have the spirit of God in you. And that is why as a child of God who obeys and keeps His commandments diligently you can use your spirit to do many things.

Man originally was not supposed to die because he has the spirit of God in him. Yes this is a true statement because God cannot die. Man was supposed to live in the Garden of Eden forever where he would multiply and serve God and God will visit him from time to time. (Garden of Eden is like the heaven where man will eventually live after this earth)

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Remember Lucifer at this time was still dwelling on the cursed earth away from the Garden of Eden that God made for mankind.

Then something happened; God instructed man to stay away from a particular tree (This tree bears a fruit of knowledge of good and evil). God told man, the day you eat of this fruit you shall die. (Read Genesis 3)

Satan also known as Lucifer seeing a loophole quickly capitalized on it knowing that God prefers the man who was made of clay to him who is an angel of God. He started to plot how to make man sin against God, knowing that sin will make man lose his influence with God. 

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He waited for an opportunity; a day Adam (The first man) was not around and came in form of a serpent (at this time the serpent does not crawl on its belly but walks on its legs) to Eve.

Being a familiar face in the garden, Eve (Adams wife) fell for the tricks of the serpent. This is what transpired between the woman and the serpent.

The serpent came to her one day and said to her, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?” “Of course we may eat fruit from the trees in the garden,” the woman replied. “It’s only the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden that we are not allowed to eat. God said, ‘You must not eat it or even touch it, if you do, you will die” “You won’t die!” The serpent replied to the woman.” Genesis 3: 1B-4 

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The woman was convinced and ate the fruit and later gave it to her husband and after they ate it they became exposed. They discovered they have been naked all along. So every time you sin, you are exposed.

God’s glory covers us from shame, evil, bad lucks, charms, curses etc. but each time we sin we are exposed to all of it.

When God discovered that they had disobeyed Him and sinned, he cursed them. From that day death began to exist and there comes the theory of heaven and earth. Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden which was the heaven God had created for man to dwell on this earth where He could fellowship with mankind. (Read Genesis 3: 8-24) 

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Now that death exists, something must happen to the spirit of man after man dies. The spirit cannot be hovering around space or wandering around, like some religious beliefs that say that after a man dies, he his transformed into another man in another part of the world where he will exist again until he dies. The circle goes on and on. No, that cannot be.

Because God cannot stand ungodliness, He cannot stay near sin that was why He sent man away from the Garden of Eden in the first place. Therefore there is no way he can permit filthy souls into heaven where He lives and that brings about the theory of “cleansing of sins”

In the Old Testament of the Bible, before you can go to heaven you must first be cleansed of your sins. Sins are forgiven after sacrifices have been made. Blood sacrifice of animals carried out by a holy priest.

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But in the New Testament, things changed when God sent His Son (Jesus Christ) through a virgin birth to save the world. When Jesus died He took away the sins of mankind. Unlike when you needed the blood of an animal to make sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin, now all you need is to pray through the name of Jesus and follow diligently the commandments of God to attain Heaven!

Now when a man dies the spirit doesn’t die because spirit cannot die and spirit must be somewhere- Heaven or Hell. And since we know that God cannot stay near anything that is unclean, then only those that are saved can go to heaven where God stays. So where will the others be?

That brings us to the concept of hell. What is hell? Hell is where those who disobey God and refuse to follow His commandments go to when they die. Longman describes hell as the place where the souls of bad people are believed to be punished after death. The categories of people living in hell includes, Satan (Lucifer), his agents, murderers, prostitutes, liars, adulterers, fornicators, cheaters, etc. who refuses to repent and change from their sinful lifestyle.

Therefore heaven truly exists; it is where those who believe and obey God will go to when they eventually die.

Praise God.

Note: All quotes are from the New Living Translation of the Holy Bible except otherwise state

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