Man Kills Girlfriend, Leaves Her Lifeless Body With Broken Neck

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A lady, who was killed by his boyfriend with her lifeless body left with a broken neck, has been found in her apartment in Akwa Ibom state.

The deceased, identified as Uwakfon Sunday Akpan was killed by her boyfriend Godwin, who denied having a hand in her death.

According to report, she was murdered in her apartment in Akwa Ibom State on Tuesday, September 13. 

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A human rights activist, Levite Akpan claimed the deceased was her cousin and she had spoken to her mum earlier, claiming she was making preparations on how she was planning to come to stay with her.

She said, “She had spoken with my mum on how she could assist me to get to a transport bus to take her to Uyo where she stays. 

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” Uwakfon had made arrangements with a driver that will bring her daughter back to her.

On Monday night, she called my mum to know if her daughter was set to go because she was supposed to leave on Tuesday, and my mum told her where she’ll meet with the driver and her daughter.”

“On Tuesday, my mom got a call from my cousin’s number thinking it was her that was calling. When my mum picked up the call, she noticed it was a male voice. Then, the guy told my mom that Uwakfon had passed on”.

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She further said, “My mum thought it was a joke. She called the line several times until he revealed that Uwakfon was sick and had complained about having headaches.

He said he gave her paracetamol and left for church only to return to meet her dead.”

Some relatives went to my cousin’s house and found her lifeless body with wounds all over and her neck was broken. We quickly invited the police and Godwin was arrested”

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“However, Godwin Essang who killed my cousin is still denying he did not commit the crime. The major problem is the police are trying to accept inducement to kill the case. We need justice for Uwakfon Sunday Akpan.”

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