Collaboration! Complete, Don't Compete!

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Are you simply cooperating with people to achieve greatness or collaborating with them? If you are striving for excellence and higher-level thinking, collaboration is the way to go. The difference—cooperation is working well together while collaboration is “wanting” to work together. In the great words of John Maxwell, "... completing one another is more important than competing with one another."

There is a great difference between collaboration and cooperation. 

When you cooperate with a partner or a team, it means you and partner or team sits down together and work together. 
When you collaborate with a partner or a team, you sit down with the partner or team and  you want to work together to achieve a common goal.

There is a difference between just getting together to work and cooperating- That's good though! It is however different from wanting to cooperate together individually.

That's what makes collaboration such an higher level word than just cooperation.

A very good example is the present music world, there are lots of collaborations, in most of these collaborations you see individual artistes always putting their bests and a lot of "collabos" comes out better than when those artistes do their individual releases most times. 

You can not have a collaboration without being better. It is impossible to be around a table with people to collaborate without leaving something.

If you spend time with people without leaving something you are just there wasting time. If you get people to collaborate with you, you get creative.

When you get people ton collaborate with you, there's synergy of great ideas, that gives you ideas.... a great idea is a result of several good ideas.

Collaborations make you better, more creative... you're learning new things.

Collaborate in putting your ideas together and pick out the best ideas to work together with to give all the collaborators the best.

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