The Revolution (Episode 6)

Thunderous sound came from above, and the earth shook. People start to run helter skelter, like Majek Fashek’s … “I saw humanity running helter skelter for the kingdom of God has come”

However, unlike Majek, they had no time to prepare their hearts, for their reward has come.

People were running into their homes while those inside their houses run out. No one is sure where the sound is coming from; no one is sure what is happening. It is the day of the Armageddon

A popular Islamic cleric, known for receiving accurate visions and interpretations for dreams and visions, receives a vision. It was a very strange vision, he was afraid at what he saw. Fire razing from above consuming a group of people. No one could escape it. No fire service could cope with such gruesome fire. Almost all means of communication was gone!

Loud thunder, without rainfall, lightening everywhere, as the surface of the earth shakes.

CNN is reporting it, Aljazeera and even BBC, but cameras are unable to capture the pictures. All satellites are disabled from their source in the space, and anyone who dared to look up into the sky, gets blind immediately.

No such incident has ever been witnessed in the world before.

Father is not thinking of his children, but how to get himself safe, mother is not interested in her children, and children are running everywhere on the streets.

Different analysts, geologists, astrologers, geographers are trooping into CNN newsroom, and other important television and media stations across the world to analyze in their own opinion what they think was happening, in the south of the Sahara.

Meanwhile, someone is not moved, though he has tried to reach out to his criminal groups across the borders of the country, but phones are not receiving signals. No calls can be successfully made.

He smiles that well recognized evil smile, wondering what technology was deployed by the terror group to achieve such a fiasco!

“Oh mine!” He tops his cup of brandy. “Money is good”

See what my money is getting me, he smiles raising his shoulder high as he thinks of the next twenty hours, what would happen.
A meeting would be called by the National Security Committee that comprises mostly of the past head of states and serving generals. No doubt, a lot of them would not be there.

A thought came to his mind, as a foundation of his over-valued mansion shakes.

The thought disappears just as it came. Something is happening… he turns on the TV, no signal

“I Maikudi, cannot be under any threats”

He looks down from the window of his room, in the apartment on a hilltop that sees everywhere in the city. He won’t be going for the Independence Day ceremony; everyone could die as long as he cared.

“I have put so much in this country; they can’t take it away from me, just like that!”

The commotion was worse at the venue of the Independence Day ceremony. People were running up and down, even as overzealous security agents block all exits in trying to ensure the safety of the number one citizen of the country, who must be kept alive even if everyone else dies.

The president was shielded from danger, by his body guards, and secret security officers. No one understands what was happening.

A popular man of God was seen fleeing the venue screaming, “Armageddon, Armageddon”. Fire from above is burning up everything and everyone at the occasion. There was confusion and no one was at the helm of affairs of the nation.

CNN reporters are still unable to explain to the world what was happening.

Some people are now consulting their Nostradamus’ “the man who saw tomorrow” book to see if the old man predicted a time like this.

Only a few religious people seem to understand what was happening, because they received visions.
A popular Islamic teacher, one of those who received the vision has just one more mission to carry out; the mission is to get to Rabiat immediately.  He sets out on his journey and soon arrived at Rabiat’s residence.

They talked for exactly forty five minutes. The clerics explained the vision to Rabiat and the implication of the vision. He insisted that all what is happening is divinely arranged and no one could stop it.

He said, it was the heavenly being who has taken over the world. Though they have bodies, but cannot be seen by the human eyes, only those who have been permitted to see them could do so.
Now, it is only the cleric who can bring the situation to the knowledge of the entire world. No science and media can explain it.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

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