Pearls of Love

Relationship is different from falling in love being in love is  also not the same as love at first sight, the meeting of Dan and Ann is one which can be easily described as love at first sight.

The two met in their second year at the university during an elective course at Ann’s department. It was Adams, Dan's best friend who introduced them to each other. They soon fell in love and started dating after what seems like an endless period of trying to woo her. The relationship started on May seventh while they were in their second year at the university. They were envied by a lot of colleagues and admirers and even those who watched them from a distance.

There was struggle between ensuring that they passed their exams and also remaining faithful to one another. The first year passed leaving them with a pregnant Ann and seeking for a solution to the pregnancy.

They sailed through the university and after several years they married. Dan was doing well as a successful auditor with a computer firm while Ann also was doing well with her medical career. They had two nice kids, Peter and Pat, two inquisitive and very intelligent kids.

Everything was going well in their marriage, and career until a woman Dan had met sometimes back, several years back suddenly reappears in his life with a business proposal that would change his life for better and it looked very nice to him.

Soon Dan was carried away by her sexy looks, tricks and a great business deal, soon Ann got to know of it, and a relationship of almost fifteen years turned sour.

Ann got an international working visa and relocated to another continent after succeeding in her divorce suite. The family that was once integrated became scattered as the kids were sent to the boarding house and Dan also relocated to another country to establish his private business.

On May seventh about fifteen years after they had divorced, during the launching of his retirement book, Ann returned back to Dan.


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