Pearls of Love (Episode 32)

Now there's, nowhere, for me, to turn
There's nowhere for me to hide from reality
As complex as the situation gets
I remain I maintain, ain't that much strain

I was listening to Dat Nigga Daz’s verse of Reality as flashes or blasts from the past as you may call plays in my memory like I was watching a movie.

Well, believe it or not, I am good at quickly putting my past behind.

And who knows, this love between Ann and I that went sour, maybe it wasn’t even my fault, maybe it wasn’t Ann’s fault either. Perhaps, the law nature was just taking its course, or, is it not people that said everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. I believe it even more now that even good things surely have an ending.

It’s a reality! Sometimes you think these rappers are not making sense, I have listened to Dogg Pound’s Reality for the tenth time, thinking over what those guys say in their raps and I tell you the truth, reality is reality.

Even the promoter of “Everything has an end” did not say, “Some things have an end”, that means every love affair; everything should have an end too, no matter how good it was.

There was no doubt that I did not miss Ann, I missed her so much, she had a center of my life for several years, but the truth must be told.

Most Christmas holidays, the kids spent with me, it was always nice to have them around, though could have been much better with Ann.

On May seventh I spoke to Ann. May seventh is our wedding anniversary date. Come to think of it, do people also mark divorce anniversary, just wondering!

I learnt she was dating someone but they were not planning to marry, though her lover wanted to marry her. Somehow I was surprised she got into another relationship, she used to say she would not get into another relationship even if we divorced.

Well, most talks are usually easy to pronounce than to keep. .

I had finally been able to take her totally off my mind. There was a need to replace the space with something, she had taken that niche in my heart for so many years, now the space is void and something needs to replace it. It is not a good thing to leave a void or a hole in your heart; you need to keep the space warm.

I didn’t find it easy living with any woman thereafter not even Rita. She was just someone that has a chapter or so in my life history. What we shared was great fun, not a tie. She used me and I used her. We both used each other to achieve our goals.

I gave up women and all they entail. My career became my life and my life became my career. I am having two wonderful kids, and you know, they are just enough. I was ageing fast, and needed to leave some legacies behind after I had gone from the world.

I believe you can climb the highest mountain when you have a successful career. I wanted to make a name, and I was doing well.

After five years of working with the bank, I didn’t feel like leaving the bank anymore, my contract with the bank was renewed with almost a hundred percent pay increase.

I later bought Rita off her shares of the company we jointly owned and appointed a Managing Director on salary to manage the company. That year was my forty fifth birthday, I was no longer as young as I used to be.

Peter and Pat were in the high school and they are doing great. Pat was becoming a writer, I had opportunity of reading a few of her writings and had no doubt she would turn up a great writer. One of her books was published under my publishing company. Peter was studying sciences; he wanted to study medicine at the university, taking after his mother! He writes but not like Pat. I heard Ann was doing very well too. She owned a clinic of hers. I still loved her as before, even though we had been divorced for ten years

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