Pearls of Love (Episode 31)

Life is a game; everything we do in life is game. The rules are, you either win or you lose, always try to win, make use of all opportunities you have to win, strike first, act now and regret later. I discovered everything I did since I was born were all games. And I had always chose to win, though I lose a few times, but I win most times!

After Rita and Ann met at my apartment, Rita later left for the hotel where she was lodged. She later called and gave me the hotel address. I had been to that part of the city before but it wasn't difficult for me locating it. She was going to be in town for a week and Ann had a week left to stay.

The next day I closed from the office by ten. Working in the bank's Risk Management department was tedious than I had expected, so it was always from office, to the house and the same routine, every other day! That night I stayed with Rita until about eleven before returning to my place, by the time I got back, Ann was already asleep, but woke up as I entered into the room.

“Welcome”, she said absentmindedly.

“How was your day?” I asked, not knowing what to say.

“Nothing much, thank God I’m almost leaving’, she answered.

“Is anything the matter?” I asked, also anxious for her to leave.

“Nothing” she replied and slept back.

When I woke the next morning, Ann was still asleep, that was unusual, we both don't sleep that much, I woke her to tell her I would depart soon, but she complained about being tired. I bathed, drank tea with bread and was ready for work. She was still sleeping.

After work that day, I first went to Rita again. I must tell you, it is not an easy task running an affair between two women, one of the relationships would suffer! 

By the time I got home that night, Ann was out. She returned a few minutes later and I asked where she had gone to, but this time she got angry beyond what I could take. She said I had no right to as wherever she choose to go. Really I wasn’t bothered if she choose to go anywhere, after all she was an adult, but I was just concerned about her safety and of course I was responsible to her, especially now that she was on visit to me. I think she had probably gone out for a few drinks because she sounded drunk and even behaved like she was drunk too.

Before I could stop her, she started raining abuses on curses at me, she called me all sorts of obscene names, even when I kept mute, she continued even harder, deliberately trying to provoke me to anger. She ranted about all the prostitutes I had slept with like Rita, Nevan, and Kelly. She said so many things, most of which I cannot remember now. 

But that night I struck at her, I slapped her real hard and she cried. But I wasn’t bothered.

The next morning she left the house before I woke. She later came to my office and requested that we divorce. She said she was tired of the marriage and was putting an end to it. 

That was the story of our divorce.

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