Pearls of Love (Episode 27)

The bank job was very tasking and demanding. Before this time I didn’t know there would any job that would as demanding that I would feel overwhelmed some times. I hardly had time for anything personal. I was employed on contract, so I was not a regular staff of the bank, my salary could change anytime if I was able to prove the work I was doing was more than what I was being paid. It was a five year renewal contract.

I was living in one of my dream cities. It was interesting to live and work in a city I’d always dreamed of, even as a child. I think this also confirmed that fact that when you can dream it, you can actually achieve it.

I was having a ten-minute break together with Esther; one of the staffs under my unit. Aside the huge pay I was receiving, I wasn’t the head of the department, so I reported to the head of the department. If not for the pay like I said, imagine, leaving my high position where I was to. I think sometimes some decisions are necessary; one cannot stay at a place for ever, as it’s in my own dictionary- that is mediocrity!

But sometimes mediocrity can be better if you compare my own situation to that of my friend who was a bank manager and travelled to another country to become a dish cleaner- irony, I hear you say. I had a company of my own with a running capital of over a hundred million, and here I am working for pay in another country, well deserved!

Esther, I noticed had something going for me, see I don’t need a prophet to know a lady tripping over her head for me, I think I also had a soft spot for her. She was single but living with her boyfriend. Anyway I got to know later that she had other boyfriends.

She was actually the one who invited me for the drink. She said I was working too much and needed to relax a bit, and that a chill out could do me some good. Before now we never did more than mere “good morning” “well done” “goodbye” “good day” thing. Just the normal expected courtesy.

“You work a lot”, Esther said, sitting across and watching me. A cup of coke in her hand.

I looked up and smiled.

“That’s what I came here to do’. I told her.

The Black-American beauty smiled. For a very long while now, I had avoided women. I had been in this country for over a year, six months for intensive training, while I had also been six months on the job.

“You are beautiful’, I told her after a while.

She smiled again, and I wondered if she smiled all the time like this.

“Thanks’, she replied.

“What will you be doing after work today?’ I asked.

“Nothing, go home of course’, she replied. I felt it sounded nasty though didn’t say it.

“Your boyfriend’s waiting for you?’ I teased.

“He can take care of himself’, she answered, tapping the bottle of coke with a key holder.

“Can I invite you to my place?’ I asked. I had never been that straight forward with a woman before. She shrugged, but didn’t smile this time. She knew why I was inviting her.

While returning to the office I met Toke another staff in my department. She was a friend to Esther. She was this very hardworking and devoted staff, always minding her business, I liked her. I hate to imagine how fragile she would be on bed, she looked too skinny, and she had two pairs of breast on her chest that could have passed well for guava fruits, the thought of what she looked like under clothes almost made me puke, hey sorry about that. She was one of my few office friends, actually.

“Finally decided to go out today?’

“Sure, went out for a drink” I told her.

“Is Esther back in the office?” she asked.

I wondered how she knew I went out with Esther. Office gossips, I thought. I hate office- gossips; the truth is that I hate all gossips.

“Yeah”, I replied.

As soon as I entered into the office, I forgot about Esther and Toke. There was a lot of work to do. I finished at exactly seven. I wasn’t feeling tired like I used to. It was while I was packing up my laptop bag that I remembered Esther. The thought of what to do with her aroused me. As for Toke, I wonder what she thinks of me.

I walked down the corridor to Esther’s office. Just as I was about stepping in, she came out. She turned to talk to someone, perhaps Toke, then saw me.

“Mr. Dan”, she called out.

“How has your day been?” I asked shaking hand with her

“Not bad’, she replied

As we were leaving, she told me she wasn’t going to be long at my place, and I agreed. I didn’t understand why she didn’t want to stay long at my place.

During the drive to my place I was able to gather some information about her. I told her a few things about myself that I felt was safe and not too personal. I stole looks at what she wore from time to time; her short black skirt was very revealing, the legs were hot, I mean very sexy to look at. I imagined what they would look like without any cover at all.

As we worked into the house I heaved a sigh.

“What a day!”

“I’m sure you always have hectic days”, she said.

“That’s true’, I replied

She smiled as we worked into the living room. She sat on a couch. While I went to the fridge to fetch a bottle of drink. She looked nervous, I wasn’t sure if she was or was trying to appear as a nice girl.

One thing I felt certain about was that; the person seated right there on looks like someone that enjoys balling, and I was just about to get a share of it.

I swallowed a glass of wine” and loosened my tie, then pulled my shirt off. I sat on the arm of the chair she was. A Tommy advert displayed on the screen of the T.V.

“I like you”, I finally said, touching her thick hair slightly.

“Really?” She looked at me and blushed.

“I feel like kissing you”, I told her.

“Why?” She asked sharply and looked at me again. I couldn’t guess what was on her mind.

“I haven’t kissed for long”. I replied, not knowing if it was the right thing for me to say.

Before she said anything I touched her cheek gently, turned her face to me. It wasn’t a convenient position. I held the side of her face in my palms and kissed her gently. Her lip was cold like a dog’s nose. I wondered why she was like that, was she trying to impress me.

I stood up from the couch, adjusted my position, then tried again.

“Why do you want to do it?” She asked.

“I told you, I like you” I replied standing in front of her. I bent down and pulled her to me. She was of a considerate height below me. I kissed her, and she responded this time. She tasted sweet. By now, I had a full erection and I knew this wouldn’t do.

“I will show you to my room”, I suggested.

I took her hand and we worked up the stairs to my room, she was as quiet as Mary.

I watched the excitement on her as she entered my room, she must have felt she was in paradise for the way she kept on gazing.

“This is paradise”, she said quietly. “I thought down was fine until I got here’

I smiled; it is a thing of pride to get comments like that about the place you live. I held her and caressed her back. My urge for sex was full this time; I would have to get done with it. I had totally forgotten about sex since I came here. I kissed her again and there we go; strong, hot sex – I haven’t had that for a long time. One year of no sex. The last sex I had was actually with a commercial sex hawker!

She enjoyed it, enjoyed the bed. Liked the house, the music I played and everything. I was sure she wouldn’t want to go, but she must have to go any way. I drove her to her place. She was a kind giver, non-demanding and diligent at it on bed too.

That night, as I lay on the King-sized bed, I thought about my life; Rita, Ann, Peter and Pat. Rita was in charge of our joint company. Peter and Pat were in the boarding- house at Florida. Ann and I had divorced and we hadn’t spoken for a long time, at least for well over six months. I hadn’t seen the kids either.

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