Okirika (Used Clothes) Business

Okirika Market
Okirika clothes (used clothes) business is a lucrative business, though some people may not agree because of the nature of the business, which is usually treated as “shameful” business, not even everyone wants to patronize the okirika market. 

However, I think this is majorly because of the way sellers handle this business. Any business you run should be well packaged. Even if you sell new clothes and you don’t have a good “packaging” sense, people may not still patronize you.

You can sell an okirika cloth in a shop, some of these boutiques you see selling clothes are selling “used clothes” to their customers even without their knowledge. You don’t have to do a “bend down select” market just because you are selling a “used cloth”. But don’t deceive your customers, let them know what they are buying is “used” cloth.

Okirika Wholesale Market
Okirika business is not just focused on clothes; there are also Okirika shoes and bags. Not everyone has the money to buy expensive new designer clothes, bags or shoes, there are “used” or Okirika bags, clothes and shoes at very cheaper prices, and as a matter of fact even quality than some so-called new clothes. Particularly children clothes.

Now to have a good Okirika business, you should buy good first grade London bales from a good dealer. And resell after you have repackaged your bale. 

Like I’d earlier mentioned, gone are the days when Okirika business is done in the dark of the night or at a “bend down and select corner of a street market” 

You can now do your “Okirika” business in a good shop, or in your car, or you can even take orders to your customers in their offices, or homes.

UK bale is the best grade of Okirika you can sell to get your best profit in the business. First grade London okirika is the most expensive in the market. There are other bales from China, Korea

You can source your UK bales from Katangua market, Yaba, or Aswani market in Lagos. Some traders get their stocks from as far as Cotonou.

The prices per bale of okirika stuffs vary, depending on whether it is a male, female or children clothes.

Profit working:

A bale of female chiffon gown currently sells between N135,000 and N145,000 (depending on where you get your stock from), that is for first grade UK. A bale is about 55kg and contains up to 300pieces of clothes in it. 

So if you sell one gown for N1,000, then you will sell a whole bale at N300,000, and you can have a bale per different kind of clothes, maybe a bale for men’s clothes, another for women and another for children. By the time you take out your capital and other expenses, you should still have a profit of up to N100,000 per bale.

Okirika can now also be sold online, people can order for your goods via an online store or through advert.

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