FOR LADIES: Eating Apple Boosts Your Sexual Performance

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It is a common saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But beyond the health benefits of apple for both men and women, it seems to have a lot to contribute to s*xual, as it has been found to improve ladies s*x lives. Thus, there is a link between apple and s*xual performance for women.

Previous findings have shown that eating apple has many benefits, including its ability to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart attack, ward off breast cancer, lower blood fat levels in post menopausal women and reduce the risk of stroke.

In fact, eating apple everyday for six months was found tocut cholesterol by almost a quarter, apart from the fact that it prevents dementia (loss of brain functions that occurs with certain diseases) and improves neurological health by reducing cellular death. These were attributed to its high-fibre content and that it produces more saliva to reduce tooth decay and detoxify the liver.

Interestingly, apple is not the only common edible item that can help women in the bedroom, some previous studies revealed that red wine and chocolate also help women greatly, because of the resveratrol compound found in both and the presence of stimulating polyphenols and antioxidants in them.

However, beyond all these heart-warming benefits, study by researchers at Santa Chiara Regional Hospital in Trento, Italy, showed that daily apple consumption enhances the s*x life of women and helps them to be s*xually satisfied. They believe that the compound phloridzin present in apples play a large role in s*xual arousal and v*ginal lubrication in women and ultimately their satisfaction.

The researchers indeed found that women who eat apples regularly are more likely to have better s*x because of some nutrients in the fruit, even though many people, especially women, eat apple for fun, without necessarily understanding its impact on their life.

In the study, which lasted for eight months, the researchers, who sought to find a link between daily apple consumption and li-bido, studied 781 women aged between 18 and 43.

The researchers established that these women had no history or complaint of s*xual disorder or depression and they ascertained that none of them was taking prescription medications for the two ailments.

Thereafter, they were divided into two groups, with one section instructed to eat between one and two apples a day and the other section told not to eat any. Then, the participants were asked to fill a Female S*xual Function Index, a form, which asked 19 questions about their bedroom activities and were asked to report on their daily consumption of the apples as instructed.

The researchers found that eating an apple a day was linked with higher FSFI scores by the participants, which suggested that it increased their overall s*xual function or pleasure.

They found that the women who consumed apple daily had higher scores on the function index, especially in the lubrication and s*xual performance categories, than those who didn’t eat apple, suggesting that those women who ate apples on a regular basis had a greater function, thereby reporting higher levels of arousal and satisfaction during the "act".

The extent to which s*x would be enjoyed by a woman depends largely on how lubricated the v*gina is as it reduces friction that may arise from the man’s penetration. Inadequate lubrication may put the man and the woman in serious pains and either of them could sustain injuries if not careful.

The researchers established that apples contain phloridzin, a crystalline glucoside that is structurally similar to a female s*x hormone, estradiol, which plays a huge role in v*ginal lubrication and s*xual arousal. Hence, the phloridzin, which is extracted from the bark of fruits like apple, improves s*xuality.

“We found that women who regularly ate apples, at least one a day, had better quality s*x life,” said Doctor Tommaso Cai, one of the lead researchers.

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