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Fish farming or pisciculture is the principal form of aquaculture, while other methods may fall under mariculture. Fish farming involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures, usually for food.

Fish farming is one of the most popular businesses in Nigeria, particularly Cat-Fish farming. Fish farming has become popular and profitable because of modern farm practices/devices being implored to grow fish and control their input.

Fish farming has more advantage for business owners or farmers who also run poultry farming because the poultry drops can be used to feed the fish. This will save cost of buying commercial feeds for feeding the fish, while it will also serve as a waste management method.

There are various kinds of fish that you can farm, however we will limit this article to cat-fish farming. This is because cat-fish is most farmed fish in Nigeria. Probably because it is the most demanded and consumed.

For instance in a regular Lagos beer-parlor, a plate of fish pepper soup sells between N1,500 to N2,500, while in ordinary markets were you can purchase a live cat-fish, it is sold for between N1000 to N1,500 at the average.

I tell you- cat-fish farming is a profitable and lucrative business in Nigeria.

Why you should go into Cat Fish Farming

• In Nigerian market, fish constitutes about sixty percent of meat products. This is because most people either for health reason(s) or otherwise wants to consume fish, which is rich in protein, omega 3, vitamin D, and B2. Aside from these nutrients, fish is also rich in potassium and calcium.

• Fish is cheaper than meat products.

• Cat fish farming is profitable if good management and proper planning is applied. Research shows that business owners can make a profit of up to N5 million from their farm within six months.

•Fish farming is not regulated, at least as at now. It does not harm the environment. It can be set up anywhere, including a residential area, unlike some other businesses, that are highly regulated. A fish farm can actually be set up at your backyard with, little or no precaution.

• Fish can be harvested at any time; it does not have any particular season, as long as there is water supply in your pond and food for the fish.

• They can be cross breed to develop another type of fish, for full profit optimization, just in case you have other customers who are interested in other kind of fishes.

What Do You Need to Start You Cat-fish Farm?

Land: Just like any other business, you need land to start your fish farm. You land can be at any kind of location. Cat fish doesn’t cause any kind of environmental disturbance. You can actually buy a cheap land for this purpose. At least you need half a plot of land for your cat fish farming. That doesn’t mean in any way that you can use a full plot for your farm business. You fish farm can actually be on that extra space you have in your compound, as long as it can accommodate up to two or three ponds.

What You Need to Start Your Pure Water Business

Fish Ponds: You need a fish pond to accommodate your fishes. A good Pond Construction Engineer should be engaged to do this. The service of a good plumber will also be required to ensure appropriate drainage through the fish farm.
Borehole: Adequate supply of water is needed for your fish pond. Remember that fishes live only inside water. Hence insufficient supply of water may cause disaster since the water must be changed on regular period. Sources of water like river water and borehole is regarded as suitable. Tap water and rain water coming from a chemically treated source will not be appropriate for fish farming.

Overhead Tank: A water storage tank is needed for your fish ponds. This tank is usually attached to the fish ponds by a good plumber who must be present during the set-up of your fish farm. 

Cat Fish and Other Fishes: Buy as many fishes as you want to start with, both male and female, remember you can get different species to allow cross-breeding.

Note that you also need a proper training to start a fish farm business, it doesn’t really have to be a professional training, you can get training from an already established fish farm. At least a minimum period of three months is advisable.

You can start your fish farm with N450,000 to N600,000 or less, depending on your location.

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