‘How I Resist Temptation From Other Women’ – 2face Idibia

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Tuface Idibia who celebrates his birthday today, talks about how he resists temptation from other women. Read the full interview below, meanwhile happy birthday to 2-Baba!

2face Idibia
2face Idibia

The music icon in a recent interview with popular On-Air-Personality, Olisa Adibua speaks about his life, career, how he resists temptation amongst other things.

2face Idibia speaking on how understanding is wife is of his kind of music said: “My wife is very understanding, even if I say some things – sometimes they’re just artistic expression, it doesn’t really mean that it happened to me or I did it like that, but sometimes you need to create some excitement in
music. So she’s cool and very understanding in that aspect”.

2face whose career takes him round the world and of course keeps late night coupled with his running a club said his wife copes just fine and he knows he has responsibilities so he creates time for everything.

The award-winning singer, 2face who has released hit songs said his mood depends on how he write his lyrics, as he could be in a club, at home and the inspiration just pops and that moment he writes down whatever comes to his head.

2face who has been described as one of the humble celebs in the entertainment industry, however, has had his own fair of controversy but the music star who speaking on how he handles criticism said:

“I put myself out there, I’m a realistic person, and I don’t hide anything about myself. I don’t hide the truth, and if you say something that is true, I will tell you it is true. If it is not true, I will tell you it is not true, and over the years I have learnt how not to let these things get to me”.

2face Idibia and wife, Annie
2face Idibia and wife, Annie
For 2face, many would think he his accomplished with many praying to be in his shoes, however, 2face said his career has not gotten to that point he wants yet saying:

” I’m not where I want to be. I started a long time ago, about 17 years ago and I had my time, I had my headaches. And back then there was no focus on Africa unlike the way it is now. But I’m still out there, still doing my thing, I ain’t going nowhere, neither am I in a competition with anybody.

I’m on my own lane and I’m waiting for every other person that’ll come after me and spend the amount of time that I’ve spent in the industry, then they can now come out and talk”.

Meanwhile 2face speaking on politics in Nigeria said if elected the president of Nigeria and sworn in shared what will likely happen saying:

“I would be assassinated on May 30. I would say that if that happens, I would definitely try to do something and if I can’t do that thing, I must speak exactly with courage to tell the world those behind my inability to be successful and do the things right.

I would not lose courage, I would summon courage and speak out, even if that is the last thing I would do.”

Tuface who no doubt has many female admirers speaking on how he handles temptation from his female fans said:

“I have a beautiful wife that has everything going well with her”.Meanwhile 2face who has seven
Tuface real name Innocent Ujah Idibia is happily married to Annie Idibia and they are blessed with two daughter, Isabella and Olivia

The award winning 2face Idibia has remained one of the most sought after singers in Nigeria.
With so many awards to his name, he has no doubt made an impact in the music industry, with different collaborations with international acts like: T-Pain, Mary J. Blige and others.
He was the first Nigerian artist to have an appropriately priced international album.

2face, who was previously part of a Plantashun Boyz, is signed on to his own record label ‘ Hypertek’, which he established after leaving Kennis Music.

Tuface, aside being an artist, is also involved in charity activities, as a way of giving back to the people, hence his establishing the Tuface Idibia Reach-Out Foundation, for this purposes.
Recently he was made a Red Cross Ambassador.

Meanwhile 2face recently released his sixth album ‘The Ascension’, which has been enjoying massive airplay.

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