University Student Fakes Her Own Kidnap to Dupe Her Dad N25M

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A case has been reported of a 200 level University female student who planned a fake kidnap with her boyfriend to dupe her father of N20 million.

According to the report, Bolanle left home to resume a new session exactly two weeks ago. Normally she would call home to inform her parents of her safe arrival in school. But for over a week neither of her parents heard from her.

After some days, Bolanle’s father called her handset to find out what the problem was, but her phone was switched off. For days the family tried calling her hoping it was a network problem, or probably at the worse maybe her phone was stolen.

When they couldn’t rich Bolanle for a week, the father decided to visit her bank to see if any withdrawals have been made on her account, to his shock over N200, 000 had been withdrawn from the account.

Bolanle’s father immediately called a professor in her school, who is also her guardian. The professor said he had not seen her since school resumed. This shocked the father as Bolanle had left home for almost two weeks.

As they made move to report to the police about the missing girl, Otunba received a call from an unknown person who claimed to have kidnapped Bolanle.

The kidnappers requested for a ransom of N100 million to release Bolanle. After some bargains, they agreed to take N20 million from the distressed father.

Otunba went to his bank the next day to make a withdrawal of N20 million to be paid to the kidnappers for the release of his daughter.

While helping him put the money in his car, the security man noticed the chief was nervous and persuaded him to tell him what the problem is. Otunba confided in him and told him about the kidnappers.

The security man advised Otunba to go ahead with the plan and do whatever the kidnappers asked him to do, but promised help him.

With the N20 million in his car he went as instructed by the kidnappers and left the car with the money at a deserted place where he was instructed to leave the car. After a while someone came and took the car away. By the time Otunba got back home, his daughter had been released by the kidnappers.

As the family jubilates over the safe arrival of Bolanle, Otunba received a call from the security man who had earlier promised to help out. He informed him that the kidnappers had been arrested.

Shortly, policemen arrived and the entire family was invited to the police station. On arrival the Divisional Police Officer brought the kidnappers to Otunba; the both kidnappers live in the same estate where the chief lived and one of them was Bolane’s boyfriend.

The Boyfriend told police that they have monitored Otunba for a while and noticed that the man was rich. They planned with his daughter, Bolanle to get some money out of him, he also confessed to have been a yahoo-yahoo boy (Advanced Fraudster).

Bolanle on her part confessed to be part of the kidnapping plan, she said she helped her boyfriend who was in need of fund to travel abroad to raise the money by faking the kidnap.

The fake kidnappers are currently on detention and would be charged to court.

Just two days ago Mrs. Titilayo Rotimi the wife of Rtd Gen. Oluwole Rotimi, former governor of Western Nigeria, was kidnapped in Ibadan by unknown men. In the same manner the mother of Finance minister, Oweala Okonjo was kidnapped by unknown kidnappers in Warri last week and demanded a ransom of $1 billion for her release.

A recent report rated Nigeria has responsible for over 25% of the global kidnapping. In your own opinion what is responsible for the increase in kidnapping in the country?

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