Pearls of Love







Pearls of Love

Dan met Ann while they were in the university during an elective lecture at Ann’s department. It was Adams, Dan's best friend who introduced them to each other. They soon fell in love and started dating after what seems like an endless period of trying to woo her. The relationship started on May seventh while they were in their second year at the university. They were envied by a lot of colleagues and admirers and even those who watched them from a distance. 








Pearls of Love (Episode One)

It is a confusing weather, raining and hot at the same time. Somehow rain doesn't stop wedding ceremonies from holding.



Pearls of Love (Episode II)

As we drove along Williams Avenue down to the Chamberlin Road to Amazing Grace Specialist hospital where Ann worked as a medical doctor I noticed that the roads were being maintained. It would have been waterlogged by now following the heavy down pour of the past days. Better drainage have been built by the serving governor, gone were the days when politicians gained office positions in order to swindle money and make the economy worse than they had earlier met it. Things are beginning to work well in the city; corruption was becoming a past, it was no longer the days when government officials responsible for maintenance swindle money for their personal use. There was a lot of improvement in the city. 
The next day was our wedding anniversary but I didn’t remember it until up till when I received a congratulatory e-mail from the bank where we run a joint account.

Pearls of Love IV 

Even after twelve years I am still unable to forget the first night. That first night for years remain tied somewhere in my memory and refused to leave. It's like a file copied on a flash, if the file is not deleted or becomes corrupt, it remains on the flash for even twenty years. 

Pearls of Love (Episode V)

“Really” she asks. I think she was as much as I was shy.
“Yes” I nodded, not sure if I was saying or doing the right thing.

Pearls of Love (Episode VI)

We continued seeing but I deliberately didn’t mention anything about dating to her anymore, overtime I met her friends, most of them were beautiful, and had been anxious to meet me probably because of the things she told them about me. You know how the female hostel is!



Pearls of Love (Episode VII)

Back to the present. We wake as early as 4:30am everyday to get the kids prepared for school, at the most by 6:30 am I was usually out of the house for the day's work.

Pearls of Love (Episode VIII)

I was sitting on the executive chair, facing two large windows, covered with a transparent curtain, from there you can see the beauty of the sky, sometimes with closer noise of aircraft as the fly by. If you stay by the window you can easily look into the city, faraway from where the company was located.


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