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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Gospel Artistes Protest Exclusion From Lagos @ 50 Celebration

That Lagos State is the entertainment capital of Nigeria would not attract any debate.

So when it was announced that the state would be celebrating its 50th anniversary, many were not surprised that entertainers were the most featured group in its activities, especially the billboards that adorn many parts of the state.

Some of the showbiz personalities that have been celebrated are Joke Silva, Olamide, Adewale Ayuba, K1 de Ultimate, KSA, Desmond Elliot, among others.

However, gospel musicians in the state are not particularly pleased with the state government for excluding them from the celebrations.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, the governor of the Lagos State chapter of the Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria, Raphael Babalola, said, “We are usually sidelined in events like this so we are used to it. But it’s not proper; we should have been involved fully.

Lagos State is home to all, so where are the people that have been praying for the peace of this state and praising God? Why is it that when it’s time to celebrate, we are now kept aside?”
Opelope Annointing singer, Dunni Olanrewaju also expressed displeasure at the non-invitation of gospel singers.

“I feel that gospel artistes should be given a day out of the programme to praise and thank God for sustaining Lagos since inception.

God has really been good to this state and that’s why we said even if the state does not include us in its program, we, gospel musicians resident in Lagos, would organise our own event and give praises to God.

This event would come up in May and we will invite Lagos State representatives as well. However, I hope that the government can still make amends and accommodate Lagos-based gospel musicians,” she said.

Popular musician and cleric, Timi Orokoya aka Telemi, who is the immediate past president of GOMAN also lent his voice to the issue.

 “When we talk about celebrating Lagos at 50, then praise should take centre stage. We know that there are different religions in the state and all should have been carried along.

 I think the people tasked with organizing the celebration didn’t go about it the right way because even the governor may not be aware of this sidelining of gospel singers and pastors.

 Lagos is not all about the Eyo masquerade; the state belongs to us all. Whatever we do that does not involve God lacks a good foundation.”

Also expressing his view, talented gospel singer, Abel Dosunmu aka Mega 99 said, “It doesn’t make one happy considering the contributions of gospel music to the upliftment of this great state.

I would like to implore the committee in charge of this programme to make it all encompassing; it is not too late.

Gospel music ought to be promoted so that young ones out there won’t think that there’s no value in it.”
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