TB Joshua is a Real Man of God

Prophet Nana Kofi Yirenkyi aka Jesus One Touch, the founder and overseer of Jesus Blood Prophetic Ministry, has thrown his weight behind the Nigerian Prophet, T.B. Joshua, describing the him as a true man of God.

Speaking to Daily Guide yesterday, he said he did not agree with some of his local colleagues who saw the Nigerian Prophet as an occultist.
 “I have known the man of God since 1997 and can attest, without any iota of doubt, that indeed he is a man of God whose predictions always come true," he insisted.

His intervention, he said, was in reaction to recent remarks by some Ghanaian pastors that questioned the credentials of Prophet TB Joshua as a true man of God.

“I don’t believe TB Joshua is an occultist. He is an extraordinary man of God, overflowing with the Holy Spirit. He is a kind man who is ready to assist the needy,” he said.
Jesus One Touch said many persons had called him to find out about TB Joshua since the controversy about him crupted among some Ghanaian pastors “knowing our strong relationship.

“I am referring everybody to Matthew 7 and above regarding the need not to judge others, but to do their bids and leave the rest to God,” he said.
Having made predictions about his personal life and the fact that these had truly come to pass, Jesus One Touch said there was no way he would not attest to the credentials of Prophet T. B Joshua as a true man of God.

Although he claimed to have been instrumental in Prophet TB Joshua’s five visit to Ghana in 1997, he said: “I have not met him again since then and have not collected anything from him. All I am doing is explaining to my fellow Ghanaians that nobody should doubt that this man is a special Man of God."
Tracing his first meeting with the Nigerian prophet, he said: “When I went to his church in 1997 at a time when it was only a shed, there were so many gathered there. He quickly called us and told us that ‘you are from Ghana and you are a smoker. Go and bring the packet of cigarette from your bag'."

I quickly brought the packet of Embassy cigarettes which I smoked at the time and he urged me to stop smoking which I did. He predicted that I would be a pastor in future and it really came to pass. He also said that on the day that he was going to arrive in the country it was going to rain and it did rain.”

In 1997, when he finally arrived in the country and organized a crusade, he ordered that there should be no collection, Jesus One Touch said.

“One of the reasons I have joined the fray at this time is because of the experience that I went through when I was framed up. I won’t want others too to suffer a similar fate at the hands of men, hence my action,” he said.
Bishop TB Joshua had come under attack by some local pastors who expressed doubts about his calling as a true man of God. When it was announced recently that he was going to visit Accra, his synagogue on the Spintex Road became a beehive of unusual activities as thousands of Ghanaians thronged the place.

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