Stolen Manuscript (Synopsis)

Chuks is a young and a prolific writer with great affinity for women. Though very intelligent and ambitious, his love for women brings him to a tragic and abrupt end. Chuks decides to stop his sex affair with Florence having discovered that she is a flirt. He meets Angela; Florence friend and falls in love with her. Aside that, he has flings with some other girls- Pauline and Cynthia. Pauline becomes pregnant and claims the paternity on Chuks. Chuks feels it is improper, now that he is at the height of his career and ready to be married to Angela. He poisons Pauline in order to be free.

Unknown to him, Pauline’s body is stolen and blackmailers come trailing him. He is arrested and detained for three years without trial. Florence appears from nowhere to bail him. He is later forced into marrying Florence; Cynthia’s murderer. He later finds out that Florence and Cynthia are in a secret cult named Red Scorpion. A cult whose idea is emanated from one of Chuks’ manuscripts titled The Red Scorpion. The manuscript is stolen by the cultists and they adopt its codes and objectives. The cult deals with killing of human beings especially pregnant women for rituals.

Chuks, having found out this, kills Florence and is immediately arrested. At the police station, he murders the DPO and dresses in his uniform in order to escape. He meets Angela who is now married but does not love the man. Their love affair though rekindled was short-lived when Angela’s husband finds them out and shoots them in cold blood.

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